<![CDATA[HAZEL P MASON - Blog]]>Sat, 16 May 2020 09:02:06 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Long legs turn heads]]>Tue, 30 Jan 2018 20:52:21 GMThttp://hazelpmason.co.uk/blog/long-legs-turn-headsWhen the fates provide you with a lofty 6" frame the only real thing you can do is embrace it. Picture
What are the positives of legs longer than your average primary school child, I hear you cry?
For a start:
  1. No one can lose you in a crowd, you're a sparkling beacon  for the shorter individuals to flock to 
  2. All trousers turn in to fashionable crops allowing for ample room to display novelty socks ( a small selection below for your viewing pleasure) 
  3. Distances can be covered in a shorter time frame, imagine how fast Frodo would have gotten to mordor if he had 36 inch legs?
  4. No unfortunate long dress related trip ups, you can't stumble on a hem line thats flying closer to your knees than to the ground
  5. No more taking the stairs one step at a time like the weak, four steps at a time is the perfect amount and it means you've created extra time to admire the wallpaper choice in your landing

​But most importantly, it allows you to show your short friends who is boss by making them feel slightly intimidated by your superior height.
<![CDATA[Whitehaven]]>Sat, 06 May 2017 15:24:19 GMThttp://hazelpmason.co.uk/blog/whitehavenOn Wednesday due to the unprecedented hot and sunny weather, myself and some other creative individuals visited the harbour town of Whitehaven on the Cumbrian coast line. As a town full of maritime history and culture it's pretty easy to get swept up in it all, especially if you visit the Rum Story and sample the 12 year ages Rum and rum butter at 1 in the afternoon. The quintessential sea side vibes aren't hard to find (Shown here in a photo taken by one of those mentioned creative individuals Emily Hall - Photography student at uni of Cumbria) 
Being rather inept at taking photographs my creative path was sketchbook based. I came away on the train pretty sure I wanted to capture a somewhat romantic image of an old sailor, not necessarily the most accurate to now or the most real in terms of subject matter, but something that would capture the sea side in a way that wasn't just sandcastles and ice cream. It took a few tries to get right ( by tries I mean failures, boats are hard to draw as are old men) but I settled on a character that may or may not resemble Santa Clause and threw in  a seagull for good luck! The finished illustration is up to see Here.

More Illustrations and process updates as well as behind the scenes will be posted here regularly so either comment or keep a tag on this page in the future! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 
​- Hazel